The Pace Integration Managed Service (IMS) is unique in the market and optimal for enterprises that need accelerated iPaaS platform enablement with a proven delivery and operations model, that is scalable and flexible.

We deliver integrated end-to-end experiences with complete systems integrations management, that enable a new way of delivering enterprise integration for clients replacing the traditional T&M model.

We leverage our collective industry experience to provide a high-quality and local service, at a predictably low monthly cost, with demonstrable business value. Get a monthly subscription that can be scaled up or down according to your needs!

IMS Benefits



Our offering delivers a package that provides ‘flexibility’ based on your needs covering both development and operations



We engage with your teams to plan a flexible and predictable model providing the most optimal cost for the overall integration platform solution



The IMS capabilities include strategy, design and accelerator elements, as well as long term platform management



Pace IMS provides protection and stability to the production live business solution with an embedded operations capability as part of the IMS Solution


We offer


Results delivered with a predictable cost model

Unique framework optimised for delivering integration

Flexible monthly subscription to fit your needs

Full lifecycle integration

Trusted integration expertise