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19th August 2020
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15th September 2020
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Integrated Data is critical to feed your digital transformation

Data integration is an emerging industry; being able to quickly view combinations of data from various sources in a singular format provides businesses, scientists and even the military platforms to review performance real-time. Business processes are now more advanced and often span multiple applications, meaning seamless and automated data synchronisation is critical.

Pace Integration understands that the profitability of your business is tied into how efficiently it is run, with our unique Integration Managed Service (IMS), you will be able to review performance and understand the parameters for your successes and failures through integrated data, allowing you to funnel your resources to where you need them. The more efficient your business uses its resources, the more scope there is for growth, so saving as much time and money as possible is essential for your business and this can be done via our Integration Managed Service.

Data integration helps automate your workforce to increase the accessibility of data

With an effective data integration model, your employees will be able to access various data sources in a quick and easy way, rather than switching to the various subsystems or trying to manually retrieve large amounts of data from a number of sources. This allows your employees to work faster and more efficiently, thus increasing productivity. There are many real-world examples where a simple interface of key data sets, will not only improve the user experience but improve your business KPIs.

The level of automation provided by data integration depends upon the model and company you decide to work with, but with Pace, your workforce will be able to directly access data in a way that will lead to a reduction in the level of human errors made. Various departments within your company may share data manually, but with our data integration setup, you can automate cross-department connectivity. Driving Enterprise Application Integration becomes in the mechanism to modernise your processes.

Data Integration increases the quality of data

One thing we at Pace Integration have experienced is that data integration makes it easier for raw data gathered to be refined into more useful data, which can be processed and read more efficiently. As a result, having a data integration model may help your employees improve the accuracy and understanding of important data. With access to refined, meaningful and accurate data, your company can improve its decision making based on data derived conclusions, rather than analogously finding solutions based on raw data.

Cloud technology is changing the way all successful businesses operate

The future of business is clearly intertwined with network-centric operations and this is evidenced by the surging interconnectivity between cloud technology and workplace applications; businesses are increasingly factoring in cloud services into their long-term strategies. Cloud technology is one of the premier considerations for integrated data platforms. Being cloud-first or cloud-ready will now form the basis of many CIO strategies.

As data increases in diversity, complexity and available sources, cloud technology will help increase the connectivity of data integration methods, giving new scope and pace to real-time data viewing. Other benefits derived from cloud tech include a reduction in employee salaries, maintenance, efficient purchases of resources but the most important remains operational homogenisation. A key message is with the advent of Cloud computing, comes a real challenge of hybrid data integration across platforms and companies naturally become multi-cloud.

How does data integration transform your industry?

Data integration is changing the way all industries operate; the lure of increased automation and service interconnectivity is difficult to reject in an age of hyper digitalisation and specialisation. With most modern developments factoring in cloud technology, it is important not to get left behind by competitors who see the benefits of integrated data and services. Data integration will improve the accessibility of data for your employees and will help them interpret information to make better decisions – here at pace Integration we can help you achieve this. Our Integration experts have knowledge of industry trends and we are aware differentiated business relies on consuming the best applications which are primarily Cloud (SaaS) based. Whether you change to accommodate data integration or not is up to you, but your industry and your competitors will certainly be changing alongside data integration developments. Do not get left behind!

If you are looking to solve your Integration challenge then we can offer a solution to your problem!

Find out more by clicking here to download our free Pace IMS offering brochure, or view our Pace Services here! Contact us directly at ims.connect@paceintegration.com

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