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Why is Integration critical to your next CRM strategy?

Why is integration so critical to your next CRM strategy? Pace Integration has previously participated at CRM events, presenting our own take on the connected supply chain.

These events are setup to connect companies in the market for CRM solutions with vendors, but unlike other software conferences, they provide access to a range of vendors for you to take your time and compare. This is usually accompanied with a tailored agenda to provide experience and insight from other companies on how to select, implement, and operate your CRM solution within your business.

Pace Integration can provide thought leadership on the importance of Integration within the CRM context, highlighting the value of data flow within CRM processes.

Why critical – Integration is the enabler across the business. The consumer relationship occurs across many applications, through multiple touch-points – therefore the systems for managing that relationship have to span across multiple vertical applications and business organisations. Integration is the digital glue to unlocking your single view of the consumer. Providing that seamless consumer experience and unlocking advanced CRM product features.

It is increasingly important to understand the behaviours and influences of the connected customer, not just in driving sales but in providing insight across the supply chain. Why wait for orders to come in, or base forecasting off historic data when a clear integration strategy can connect you to your customers needs. Allowing you to analyse the customer data, predict shifts in the marketplace, and to respond to them before they happen.

Build a foundation based on seamless process integration enabled with APIs to connect with the consumer and business system alike; consuming and publishing your data can be both scalable and secure. Starting with your customer journey’s, map out the processes supporting those journeys. Understand the data needs particular to your business, and the relationships between those data entities across systems. By having one consistent process (and technical definition of that process) a consistent customer experience can be achieved – whether instore, online, on the phone, …

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