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22nd August 2016
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17th November 2016
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MuleSoft London Community – Top 5 Integration Challenges

This month PACE relaunched the MuleSoft London user community by running it’s first meetup in the new format. The key topic for discussion this month was on the Top 5 Integration Challenges and a RAML introduction – although we had such great engagement on the Top 5 challenges that the RAML session will have to wait until next time!

Checkout the material on slideshare here.

Although there was representation from across a number of different industries, all the challenges called out resonated with attendees own personal experience, and there was healthy debate on the solution to some of these:

  • Changing the perception of Integration as more than just a technology function.
  • The reality of pre-packaged integrations and the misuse of term ‘out the box’.
  • Overcoming growing system landscape complexity through hybrid integration.
  • API ownership between the business and IT.
  • The importance of Integration in achieving a decentralisation agenda.
  • Having a clear Integration strategy that encompasses both the traditional and agile requirements is the key activity in successfully navigating these challenges. More than technology and process the marketing of your Integration capability both within and outside your company is critical to overcoming the perception and unlocking your digital agenda via Hybrid Integration. Pace has services that will accelerate your Integration Strategy ambitions, and we have first hand experience of managing the marketing and change elements of enabling integration capabilities.

    Be sure to signup to the London-Mule-ESB-Meetup to hear about upcoming events – the next will be held as part of the London MuleSoft Summit on the 19th October, The Brewery, London.

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