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5th October 2016
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23rd August 2017
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MuleSoft Summit London 2016

Pace Integration recently supported the MuleSoft Summit in London, focusing on the Mulesoft Community that is inspired by Pace Integration. What is the Mulesoft Community and how can I get involved you ask? We run monthly “meetups” at various locations throughout the City of London, where members get together to share, discuss and learn about integration with the Anypoint platform. Its a great place to quiz your peers on integration topics, as well expand your business and social network. The meetups are structured with topics covering a strategy theme and technical theme with each session. Pace used the traction at the Mulesoft Summit to connect with Mulesoft users (and potential users) on what they would like to see at future events. We had a number of great responses with the most popular topics being:

    1. API Led Connectivity – this topic would cover the fundamentals around API led connectivity, with a real example of how it has been applied within an enterprise. A great topic to get your head around the concept and understand the real value delivered, when implemented
    2. Hybrid Integration Patterns – The reality is that most projects today, require data from both your back-end systems of record and your new shiny cloud applications. How do you create hybrid integration solutions, and what do these look like?

As many readers will know Mulesoft provides a comprehensive integration platform and is rated a leader within the latest Gartner quadrants, in addition to hosting events such as the Summits that provide attendees with a deeper level of thought leadership (for example the application network). The attendance was fantastic, with a wide variety of roles from developers to directors.

The Pace stand, which focused on promoting the community was fairly busy all day long with a good level of interaction and questions on a variety of aspects – this has given us great ideas on how to improve the community.

We finished the day with a community meetup, including a very special guest – Uri Sarid (Mulesoft CTO). Pace presented a topic that on “inside the connected enterprise” that covered how the challenges and integration technologies have evolved. Checkout the material on slideshare here.

If you were not aware the Community meetup events are completely free, with pizza and drinks included! If your interested, please join our group using this link and join the community.

Click here for more information on MuleSoft and the Application Network.

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