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27th March 2023
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22nd November 2023
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Pace presented Event-Driven Leadership Award

It is with great pride and excitement that we announce Pace has received the UK/I Event-Driven Leadership Award from Solace. This comes after an action packed year of all things event driven, from participating in executive round tables to maturing real-time capabilities at some of the largest enterprises. This is a momentous achievement and provides recognition for the amazing work the team has completed over the past year. 

This work spans across all our service offerings, including our consultancy that aims to help enterprises understand the need and use cases of being event driven, and our dedicated development team that can implement strategic architectures. We very much look forward to continuing this partnership with Solace. 

Why EDA is important 

Enterprises are mistaking the need to scale before understanding the requirement for speed of data between their various systems, stakeholders, and processes. Historically, applications were created in house and siloed within specific teams. There was little need to move the data fast, especially if it was already high quality. Application latency was not linked to application value. In today’s age however, due to wide connectivity, real/near real-time data is more powerful than ever. Enterprises can still offset data for analytics and diagnostics, but with real-time, decisions can be made as close to the value action as possible. Whether this be on the edge with IoT (Internet of Things) devices and smart sensors, a customer purchase or payment processing, events touch all enterprises, and are now making a move to disrupt how we integrate. 

About our Event Driven Capabilities at Pace: 

Whether you are just starting on your event driven journey or want to look at new ways to transform the way in which you are integrating across the enterprise, Pace has an end-to-end service offering that can move you along that maturity curve. 

You can start with our integration strategy service, that will aim to provide a maturity assessment of your ‘as-is’ landscape, highlighting key areas of transformation. Our consulting domain can then build on this, providing a concise framework in a Target Operating Model and architectural designs which set the foundations for implementation. Our development team focusses on speed before scale, ensuring the correct standard and governance are adhered to before handing it over to our fully managed, 24/7 operations team. 

If you want to get started on your EDA journey, Pace can help! Read now our EDA brochure here, or contact us at connect@paceintegration.com for more information! 

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