PACE Foundation

Whether it is implementing industry best practice or understanding more about an emerging technology trend and what it could mean for your business our foundation service packages could help you on the next step in your integration journey.


This foundations package is designed to give you and your team an introduction into emerging integration trends and how they are enabling disruptive innovation in the connected enterprise. If you need to understand where integration fits into your overall digital strategy and how an API platform can enable new disruptive markets alongside your existing investments, then this package could be a good place to get started.

It can be run with very few inputs if time is a constraint, however our preference is always to work with you to complete some high-level data-collection and analysis of business drivers ahead of the session to provide tangible examples aligned to business objectives for your own organisation.

Topics include:

  • Digital disruption and the challenge to existing IT
  • Technology trends in cloud and big data unlocked by integration platforms as a service
  • Hybrid integration and the continued role of traditional integration landscapes
  • People – the continued role of the competency centre alongside activation of the line of business platforms
  • Balancing agility with security – a shift in integration delivery
  • Enabling Innovation aligned to business objectives and demand

This will leave you with a taste of the importance of a strong integration backbone to meeting your digital agenda and an understanding of the steps required to take forward your integration strategy and roadmap. This package is perfect for those wishing to understand opportunities for unlocking business value and objectives through seamless integration.



Landscape complexity isn’t anything an organisation plans for, but it can easily just happen as a product of organic growth or through acquisition. We’ve all been faced with one of those spaghetti integration landscape diagrams at some point and wondered simply where to start.

Whether you consider your enterprise landscape streamlined or complex it undoubtedly represents a significant investment. Are you sure you’ve maximised your returns?

PACE can help by providing a structured assessment of the existing integration capabilities within your organisation and make targeted recommendations to renovate your systems of record with scalable API and cloud Integration platforms to enable your digital business. Whether the drivers are to reduce IT footprint, streamline business operations, or just understand technology gaps our insightful assessment will help you make informed decisions on strategic decisions.

The package can be tailored to:

  • Baseline of your existing integration capabilities and maturity.
  • Identify technology needs and gaps aligned to business drivers.
  • Recommendations and Prioritisation.

Whether the desire is to simplify and centralise, or to enable strong distributed platforms, PACE can help ensure you have the right integration landscape in place to support the variety of business requirements relevant to your organisation.



This package often starts with a particular business challenge such as how can I track an item through my supply chain from sourcing through to fulfilment, or where can I see my employee and contingent worker costs broken down geographically and by department.

The answers to such insightful questions are often reliant on data locked in separate application silos spread across departments, sitting both on-premise and in the cloud; but through integration this data can be made available as consumable data in a secure and performant manner. This façade can then be used by consumers, applications, analytics platforms, whoever or whatever needs the data to provide real business insight.

So if you’ve been set a challenge, PACE can provide innovative ways to get value from your existing business investments through integration. Working in collaboration with you we can not only find a solution, but complete the diligence ahead of engaging delivery teams. This includes:

  • Conceptual architecture and feasibility assessment
  • Business case development
  • Stakeholder engagement plan

Our size and flexibility allows us to work with you on opportunities earlier in the pipeline to help quickly identify opportunities worth taking forward or sideline ideas that would spiral in complexity and cost.



There was a time when integration was seen as a pure techie function sitting alongside an infrastructure team, most likely in a darkened basement somewhere; for many outside the world of integration this can still be the perception.

But just as the traditional boundaries between IT and the business are being broken down to enable line of business platforms, integration is no different. It needs to be relatable not only to the development teams and architects but also to the business operations and stakeholders.

Often when people ask for someone to explain their integration capabilities they fall back on talking about integration technologies, patterns and even protocols. However, whilst these are all great enablers, the marketing of integration should be focused on the benefits to the consumer whoever that might be. It’s not only about leading technology, best people, and clear processes, but making it clear how engaging with your Integration competency centre makes it easier to achieve your stakeholders goals.

If you’re struggling to articulate the value of integration, whether that’s inside your organisation or with partners or vendors, then let PACE help you market integration as a brand at the heart of companies continued digital success.



Whether you have a mature existing integration estate, or are on the start of your integration journey it’s an exciting time for the world of integration. Just like in the traditional space where there are different requirements between transactional and data integration, API integration is the backbone for a light-weight type of integration enabling the growth of new digital channels like mobility.

Even for established integration competency centres this presents new challenges, new patterns, new operational models that need to work alongside existing platforms in a hybrid model. With this foundation package we can run an introduction course to the world of APIs, explaining the key concepts, and what impact it will have for integration and line of business teams. This can be tailored for the level of audience - from delivery teams through to executives.

Topics include:

  • API Fundamentals
  • Key components of API platforms
  • API Lifecycle and well Architected APIs
  • API Portfolio Management and implications for the existing competency centres
  • API Governance that empowers rather than constrains
  • Enabling your API Economy & how to Monetise your APIs

This is a great way to get a base understanding of what is fast becoming a core requirement for any organisation looking to remain a disruptive force in the digital market.


To learn more about services that PACE offer please contact us. We would be happy to propose a package that is tailored to meet your specific needs.