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27th May 2021
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17th May 2022
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Enterprise Application Integration is an area of IT that is often misunderstood or undervalued, but it is everywhere. You may purchase a world class software package that includes an element of integration and your SI partner may deliver this within specific projects, however this isolated approach does not maximise value from the investment, or establish capabilities for future business growth.

Pace Integration is a British Technology consultancy that solves your Integration challenge, focused on enabling your journey from strategy & operating model, platform architecture that is key to the connected enterprise. 

So, why choose Pace?

  • We have developed from a management consultancy background and have gained tangible experience in delivering Integration value aligned to your strategy. We are able to communicate at multiple levels to support your journey, and pride ourselves on being able to explain complex concepts throughout your business in a way you can easily understand.
  • More than just the technology, we have worked within a range of line of business teams to understand the real business challenge, and design solutions that integrate end-to-end processes – not just connect the wires
  • We accelerate your digital change goals by partnering with you to design, deliver and operate your integration solutions. This enables you to unlock further value from your data assets and create seamless business processes.
  • Pace focuses specifically on Integration challenges and has multiple years of experience working in strategy, delivery and capabilities within large scale enterprises – you may find partners that have integration as one of the consulting services, we are dedicated to this area.
  • We provide clear and defined, consulting packages – please see our services page and get in touch to explore your needs, as we can tailor these to your exact requirements. This will accelerate the early phases of scoping out work by pre-defined work packages.
  • Startup culture – we are passionate about Integration, with niche skills, and can deliver value quickly without the overheads of larger consultancies. This is an exciting space because we have grown organically by over 400% in the last three years, and managing to remain unique in our market providing 100% UK based skills to deliver solutions at the highest quality and speed. Based out of Spitalfields we are connected with many other smaller startups that will be driving the future of UK technology innovation.

Whatever your Digital strategy and transformation goals, we guarantee integration will play a vital role, and Pace can help you to deliver on a connected future for your enterprise. Have a browse through our services or get in touch directly to find out more.

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